Hey guys πŸ™‹‍♂️, a few months ago I have written a post on how you can Lock your Termux with Passwordso wherever you start your termux it asks for a password So you can log in. But technology is too developed for Pin lock and we all have Fingerprint sensors in our Phones, so in this post, I am gonna tell you guys, how you can Lock your termux app with the Fingerprint sensorπŸ”’, and make your termux secure so no one other then you can use the app πŸ”₯.

What is Termux Fingerprint Lock?

Termux Fingerprint Lock is a new way of locking your termux internally so that even if someone can bypass your basic app lock then they need to go through this fingerprint system inside the termux. This is a really good approach especially if you are living with other hackers or small siblings, and as a hacker, it's always a good idea to keep everything under your control.

Termux Fingerprint Lock - Secure your Termux With Fingerprint

This tool will give a new way to interact with your termux app, and it looks way cooler with this fingerprint system, one thing that you need to know is, that this tool uses the fingerprint already stored inside your phone, to put it simply, the termux app will only open with the fingerprint that you have locked your phone with.

Termux FingerPrint Tool is created by MrAlpha786 and you can check out his project on GitHub @MrAlpha786/Termux-Fingerprint-lock, This tool is written in bash and the Interface is really simple. 

Lock Your Termux using Termux Fingerprint Lock:

Step 1:

To Install the Fingerprint Lock Feature in Termux you have to perform a list of commands but I have combined all the commands so you don't have to waste your time copying them one by one. Just copy-paste the below command in Termux and everything will be done automatically. 
pkg install wget && wget https://raw.githubusercontent.com/MrAlpha786/termux-fingerprint-lock/master/setup; chmod u+x setup; bash setup
Termux Fingerprint Lock - Secure your Termux With Fingerprint

Now you just need to wait for a minute so that everything can install easily.

Step 2:

Now You will see Setting Lock Authentication is required!
Now just need to place your finger on the fingerprint sensor and the tool will set your fingerprint as the password. keep in mind that your fingerprint should already be stored inside your locking system or else it will not authenticate you.

Termux Fingerprint Lock - Secure your Termux With Fingerprint

Step 3:

Now if you Restart Termux you will have to authenticate yourself with the fingerprint else the tool will close the termux app in 10 seconds. If your finger is correct then it will let you use your termux app normally else it will close the session.

Termux Fingerprint Lock - Secure your Termux With Fingerprint

Remove Termux Fingerprint Lock from Termux:

To remove The tool you just need to run the setup file again and authenticate yourself again and it will remove the lock, or you can just copy the below command and paste it in termux then it will ask you for your fingerprint and as soon as you place your finger on the sensor, the tool will be deactivated automatically.
cd && bash setup
Termux Fingerprint Lock - Secure your Termux With Fingerprint

Below You can see the Screenshot of the Lock removed page.

Termux Fingerprint Lock - Secure your Termux With Fingerprint


Termux Fingerprint Lock is an awesome way to change the feel of your Termux as well as it adds security to your system. I have made the installation very simple so that everyone can easily make their termux secureπŸ”’. If you don't have a fingerprint sensor in your phone then you can still lock your phone using Termux Lock Tool. if you have any questions or you want me to write a post on any topic just let me know in the comments. If something is not working please let me know i will fix it as soon as possible. You can also Read : [Parrot-OS Shell Command-Line in Termux - 2020]. Thanks for reading Guys and as always Stay EthicalπŸ‘Ύ.