Hey Whatsup guys👾, In this post, I am gonna show you how you can use a Digital Clock in termux. This Is Just Like the CMatrix package and it won't Help to Hack anything in termux But it will tell you time.⌚

What is Digital Clock in Termux?

Do you know Cmatrix Package in termux? Well Digital Clock is the same package as Cmatrix, and it will show you a Beautiful Clock in your termux. and you can use this Clock as a Screen-Saver. This is just a package and it is Very lightweight so there is no harm in trying it.

The Digital Clock is also Customizable and it will also show you date. The cool thing about it that it looks green and it will give you a really Bold Hacker Screen Saver look. If you want you can Customize the Color also Like you can change the color to red to make it look like something Dangerous is gonna happen😈.

This Package Has multiple Options so in this I am gonna give you some of the most useful ones. Like to set it to 12hr format and how to align the clock in the center. as well as I am also gonna show you how you can make the Cursor blink.

Install Digital Clock in Termux:

This is just a basic package in termux so you can just use the Pkg command to install it, and it is Lightweight also just type the Below command in termux and it will be installed in termux in few seconds.
pkg install tty-clock

Digital Clock in Termux:

To run the Digital Clock (Default version) you can just use The below command to run it.
and will show you the basic version of the Digital clock.

In this clock, you can see that it Only shows you these minutes and the date. and the time it in 24hr Format.

Digital Clock 12hr format in Termux:

You can add some Extra Arguments to change the Formate to 12hrs. Just paste the below command and the clock will change to 12hr Format.
tty-clock -t

Now you can see the is changed in 12hr format and with the date, you can see [PM].

Show Seconds in Digital Clock Termux:

Now if you will add -s as an argument you will be able to see the seconds also in your clock. In this command, I am gonna use 12hr format too.

tty-clock -t -s

Now it is looking more like a Digital Clock. If you don't want the 12h format then you can remove -t in the command.

Set Digital Clock in the Center :

The Clock in the top is looking fine but It will look Better if we will align it to the center of the screen. I am also gonna use the above 2 arguments but it is optional and you can remove them if you want.
tty-clock -t -s -c

Now in the above pic, you can see that the clock is aligned in the Center. and it is looking cleaner.

Change The Digital Clock Color in Termux:

Now if you want to give it a dangerous look then you can use the below argument and It will make your termux look like a time Bomb. I am also using all the above arguments too, but if you want you can remove it.
tty-clock -t -s -c -C 1

Now press the back key on your phone and enjoy this Amazing Screen saver.

Enable Blinking Colon in Digital Clock Termux :

If you want the Colon in between minutes and seconds to blink you can use -B argument. Or you can just copy the below command.
tty-clock -t -s -c -C 1 -B

This will make the colon Blink with Every second But Personally, I Don't like blink that much.  

Hide Date in Digital Clock Termux :

If you just wanna see the Clock and not the dates then you can add -D after all the arguments and it will hide the date from your clock. if you don't understand this then just paste the below command.
tty-clock -t -s -c -C 1 -D

In the above picture, you can see that the Date is Hidden.


How to Quit Digital Clock in Termux :

To Quit the Digital Clock you can just press CRTL + Z on your keyboard and it will stop.

Digital Clock SECRET Trick :

I am calling this Trick secret because even the developer hasn't listed it in the Help menu of the package. So the Trick is When you are using the Digital Clock you can change its color while it's running. for that, you just have to press any key on the keyboard from 0 to 7 and it will change the color of the clock😍.


The Digital Clock is Just for fun but I really like it because of its minimalistic clock in the terminal, I am sure I am gonna use it in my next Photoshoot. so if you wanna see that then you can follow me on instagram@skhan_official. This is also a Good Clock if you wanna place it on your desk as a Screen saver (I do it sometimes😝). If you like these types of screen savers then you can also read [Use CMatrix Package Like a Pro]. Thanks for reading guys and as always Stay Ethical👾.