Hey, what's up, Guys? , In this post, I am gonna show you how you can Install Wireshark in termux, Wireshark is an Advance tool. Your Phone does not have to be rooted, Yes this will work in Non-Rooted Termux But you will need to install the VNC Viewer for android to use the WireShark.

What is WireShark in Termux?

WireShark is The most Populer tool when it comes to collecting data In a network, I know you must be thinking about how it is different from the Nmap tool? Well, using Nmap you can only find basic info like Devices on the network BUT with Wireshark, you can Literally Capture Live packets in your network.

How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

As you know all the data on the internet is get transferred in the Packets format and if we can capture all the packets of a user on our network then we can analyze that data and we can find all the information. Like if a user is logging into a website and if you capture that packet, Then you can analyze that packet and find the Username & Password of the user. 

With Wireshark, you can capture packets, You can analyze packets, you can filter the protocols and You can even scan the entire network or you can just scan a specific IP on a Specific protocol. Basically, You can Scan Your Entire network at a Microscopic level.

If you wanna know more about the Functionality of the Wireshark tool then you can visit there Offical Website @WireShark.org.

How To Install WireShark In Termux:

If it is possible then please clear data of your termux before installing this tool.

Step 1:

Before Installing anything we will first Update all the dependencies in termux so that while running the wire shark tool, we won't face any error.
apt update && apt upgrade -y
How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

This command will update the dependencies for us. Press Y if it asks anything.

Step 2:

Now we will install the x11-repo package in termux because in this post we are gonna use Wireshark GUI mode and for that, we will use VNC viewer and to use Vnc-Viewer we need x11-repo installed in termux. Just paste the Below command and it will be installed.
pkg install x11-repo
How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020


Step 3:

Now we will install the wireshark in termux as well as we will also install all the required tools to use Wireshark in VncViewer, like xterm, tigervnc, and tigervnc-viewer. Some tools are Heavyweight so make sure you are connected to a wifi or It will take approximately 130MB data just to download these packages. Just Paste the below command all these packages will be installed.
apt install wireshark-gtk xterm tigervnc tigervnc-viewer -y
How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

This command will install all these tools one by one. 

Step 4:

Now the Wireshark is installed on your termux, But we are gonna use this tool in the Graphical user interface so that's why we need to install the Vnc-Viewer Tool for Termux Just Download it from Playstore or using the below button.

Step 5:

Now you have the Vnc-Viewer on your phone. To Start the Wireshark we need to run the Vncserver in termux, Just type the below command the server will start.
How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

For the first time it will ask for the password, just type any password (ex:123456) and press Enter,(It won't show you what you are typing.) After pressing Enter You will see Verify: you have to type the same password here too.

How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

No, it is asking "Would you like to enter a View only password?" Just Press n and press Enter.

Step 6:

Now we will export the display for the VncServer, This command will create a Localhost server on your phone. Just paste the below command and press Enter.
export DISPLAY=":1"
How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

Step 7:

Check if the VncServer is running or not, If it is not running then you have to go to Step 5 again and run the server. paste the below command and you will see a list of servers running on your termux.
vncserver -list
How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

Step 8:

Open Vnc Viewer and Press on the Plus sign Given in the main menu. It will just create a New Connection.

How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

Step 9:

Now in the Address field Type localhost:1, Remember that if you are running the server next time you need to change the localhost to 2 or 3. or You can check the vncserver -list for your localhost port.

In the name, you can type anything but I am gonna type Termux1.

How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

Now press on Create and Vnc will connect to your termux app.

Press on the green Continue button in the Vnc app.

Step 10:

Now Select the Termux1 On the list.

Just press OK on the top right corner.

How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

Step 11:

Now it will ask for the Authentication password, Just type the password you used for setting up the VncServer in termux. I am gonna type 123456 and Press On Continue on Top right corner.

How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

Step 12:

Now Drag from the top like you do to open the Notification panel. and you will see a keyboard icon there. Click on the keyboard icon and it will open your keyboard. Now Type the below command there and press Enter.
How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020

Now wait for 10 sec and you will see the Wireshark Opening Window. Now you can drag on the screen to move the Mouse Cursor and you can use the tool.

How To Install WireShark In Termux - 2020


Wireshark is one of the most useful tools available for the hackers, It's is technically the most realistic hacking tool. capturing Traffic and hacking passwords without even any human interaction or any phishing and brute force is only possible with Wireshark. Sorry, it took 12 steps for me to explain the installation but I tried my best so you guys don't make mistakes while installing. If you like GUI In Termux then You Should CheckoutTermux Desktop : Install GUI of Termux -2020 ] if you have any question then you can ask me in the comments. Check out other posts on Advance Hacking. Thanks For Reading Guys, and as always Stay Ethical👾.