A lot of time when you are in a situation where you need to click a picture as evidence but you can't because The camera usage is not allowed in the room, Do you know you can anonymously click pictures using termux? To click Pictures with termux we use Termux-API. If don't know about termux, please check out this post [What is termux].

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What is Termux-API?

To make Interaction between Your phone and termux we have to install Termux-API. This means You can access your Phone's APIs using Your Command-line Interface of Termux. with the Help of termux API you can read SMS as well as call logs from your terminal. Access Sensors Available in your phone Like GPS sensor and vibrator. It also gives you a text-to-Speech Engine as well as your camera and microphone.

Install Termux-API:


This command will check the dependencies and update them to the current date.You can Skip this command if you want but sometimes while installing packages you get Errors so it is a good practice to use this command.
apt update && apt upgrade -y


To give Termux your phone access you have to install termux API. To Install Termux-API You have to use the below command.

pkg install termux-api


Check if the Termux-API add-on is installed in your phone.

Install Termux-API Add-on here :

Google Play Badges – Google

Note: If you are getting "This app is not compatible with your device" then This method will Not work for you.

Click Images Using Termux:


To check all the available camera you need to use the below command.
by using below command you will get the list of you cameras and their configurations.
You have to check for the camera Id e.g: my camera Id for back-camera is 0 and for front-camera is 1.


The command to click image using termux is given below.
You can paste the below command and you will get a photo clicked by your front camera in your internal storage.
termux-camera-photo -c 1 ~/storage/shared/Selfy.jpg
I am using -c 1 where the 1 is the camera ID change the -c 1 to - c 0 and you will get a photo from back camera.
You can also change the path (the green part in the command) with your own path to save the clicked photo in any secret folder.

Tip: You need to change the Filename (like I am using Selfy.jpg) after every click because if you don't change the name of the file, the file will be overridden.


Termux-Api allow you do some really serious work in really simple commands, I can't even tell you how useful this command can be, but you can join our Facebook group to chat with everyone and share ideas. if you didn't understand any part of the post, feel free to contact me in the comment section. You can also Read [How to Make Phone Calls Using Termux-API] Sorry if Termux-API is not compatible with your phone, thanks for reading guys and as always Stay Ethical.👾