Everyone knows how to make a phone call using Your Smart Phones but in this post, I am going to show you how you can make a phone call using Termux. You just have to type a single command to make a phone call with termux so it is not complicated at all, If you don't have termux in your phone or if you don't know about Termux then read this Blog:[What is termux | termux apk download for android - 2020].

What is Termux-API?

To make Interaction between Your phone and termux we have to install Termux-API.This means You can access your Phones APIs using Your Command line Interface of Termux. with the Help of termux API you can read SMS as well as call logs from your terminal. Access Sensors Available in your phone Like GPS sensor a d vibrator.It also Gives you a text-to-Speech Engine.

Make Phone Calls With Termux:

Update and Upgrade the package:

This command will check the dependencies and update them to the current date.You can Skip this command if you want but sometimes while installing packages you get Errors so it is a good Practice to use this command.
apt update && apt upgrade -y

Install Termux-API add-on From PlayStore:

To use Termux API features in your phone You have to install termux-api add-on from PlayStore.
Install Termux-API Add-on here :
Google Play Badges – Google
Note: If you are getting "This app is not Compatible with your device" then This method will Not work for you.

Install Termux-API:

To give Termux your phone access you have to install termux API.To Install Termux-API You have to use below command.
pkg install termux-api

Make Phone call:

Now everything is perfectly setup and Everytime You wanna make call with termux ,you just have to type this command and This will work smoothly.
Important : Only first time it will fail and ask you to Allow Permission for Access.
termux-telephony-call 70450000

This is a dummy Phone number,just change this phone number with any contact number you want.


I know this Post it a Little complex as well as i wanna sorry to those people who's Android version in not compatible with termux-API. This is my first post on termux api but i want to Write post on all termux-api, if you have suggestion or any request on termux api then let me know in te comments.If you were searching for call bombing script then here is the link [SMS and Call Bombing with Termux].thanks For Reading Guys and as always Stay Ethical.👾