In this post, You are going to learn how you can play music in termux and it will show the timing of the song as well as I will be able to play in the background. There are multiple ways to play audio files in termux a lot of them not working in 2021 and some of them just don't give the proper output to identify the timing of the file. In this method, you will be able to use your termux as a music player without putting a lot of commands.

play music in termux

To play music files using this tool we will install it from termux repository. In this post, I am playing music from my music folder in internal storage if you want to use the commands in this post, then you have to put some music file in your music folder.

This tool is really lightweight the size of the stool is just 4-MB and it will take 22.2 MB disk space in your phone.

How to Play Music in Termux:

Step 1:

Use the below command to install Sox , which will help you to play music file using termux.
pkg install sox -y

Wait for 2-3 minutes and the tool will be installed. (The download will depend upon your internet speed also)

Step 2:

You have to grant Storage permission in termux To access your internal storage , if you have already granted the storage permission then you Skip this step. if you Don't know basic command of termux then you must check out this post.[All Basic commands in termux]
play music in termux

A pop-up will appear on your screen, Press on allow to grant Storage permissions to the Termux apk.

Step 3:

Now in order to play a music file, we have to navigate to the folder where all music files are in. You can create a Music folder in your internal storage in a lot of phones it comes by default that's why I am using this path in this command
cd storage/shared/Music/
play music in termux

Now you are in the Music folder which is in Your internal storage, You can change that folder name or you can navigate to your music folder manually using cd command.

Step 4:

Now you are in Music folder Just type ls command to list all the files in the Music folder.
play music in termux

This will give you all the files in your Music Folder.

Step 5:

Play your music file by typing play followed with your Music file name.
Random Tip: type play and type the first letter of the song name and Press tab (the button between ESC and CTRL) and it will auto-complete the name of the song.
play  music-file-name
play music in termux

Now you will see the timing of the song and as well as the ending time of the song.

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It feels really different to play music using terminal this post will also help you to play the recordings if you are hacking the microphone of the victim. You can install hackers' themes in order to give it a different look.[Change Themes in Termux]. You can put multiple files in your music folder to play different songs. If you already have a folder that contains all of your favorite music then you can navigate to that folder using cd command and use play command to play the music in that folder. Leave a comment if you think anything should be included in this post and as always Stay ethical👾.