Hey 🙋‍♂️, Do you wanna Learn Ethical Hacking Using your Phone? Well in this post I am gonna tell you about the best tool on the Playstore for Android hacking. The name of the tool is Termux and on this site, you will only read blogs about termux hacking tools or termux commands. You can find almost all types of tools on this site to start hacking Using your android phone. This is an introductory post so make sure you read it well so you can start your hacking journey faster🔥.

What is termux?

In every operating system, you can use a terminal that enables you to access the true power of the computer and for the desktop operating systems, it comes by default, But to access the terminal in Android we have to download termux.

Termux : What is Termux & What We Can Do Using Termux ?

Termux is an application that enables terminal in android phones and allows you to access various tools available for termux. in this article, we will learn everything in simple Words so we can fully understand the termux.

How to download termux apk?

Do you need to install Termux mode apk?

You don't have to install any mode apk for termux because termux is open source and there is nothing to purchase in. it is completely free and you will get the regular update if you download it with play store.

What is termux | termux apk download for android - 2020

How to download termux apk for Android KitKat?

If your android version is less than 5.0 Lollypop you can't use termux on your smartphone. So, first of all, you can try to find all the termux alternatives on the play store but seriously not a single one of them is like termux. there are only a few choices available and that also requires root access.

In 2021 if you have a phone which has an android version less than 5.0 and if you are a Tech lover or a Computer or IT student I suggest you try rooting your phone.

Rooting your phone is helpful if you want to understand things in android. It allows you to turn your mobile phone into a serious hacking machine. You can install custom ROM and you can download termux as well as other Awesome Apps available on the internet.

You can read more on termux for KitKat version  here

Why use termux?

Termux is portable:  imagine if you want to do a man-in-the-middle-attack at the victim's house, and you are using a laptop for that, it will be incredibly suspicious and after the attack complete, everyone can figure out that it was your doing. On the other hand, using your phone is normal everywhere, you can use termux instead of a noticeable Laptop.

No Root required: For using any good apps that are available on the play-store require Root Acess and Termux don't need root the only requirement is your android version should be more than 5.0.

No Setup Required: You don't have to do any tedious Setup to install it on your system, just download and you are ready to install your favorite package.

Minimal and Compact: The size of the Termux app is just less than 200Kb and the size increases when you download packages and you can uninstall the packages which are not in use, The look of the command-line itself is so satisfactory of termux.

A load of Packages are available: Packages in termux allow you to do the various task,  the size of packages are small and you can uninstall them whenever you want so its data + storage efficient.

Consistent Update: Termux is getting updated every day that means new features are added day by day, new packages are also getting added, if you want you can Host your own Termux repository too.

Programming languages: It supports Varius programming language like Golang, Lua, Php, C\C++, python so you can type and compile all this language on your phone. it is really healful while working with all types of tools in termux.

Python Support: The best thing about termux is that it supports python, there is a huge amount of libraries available on the internet for python which allow you to do any task by just running a single script of python. Python projects are available on git hub just copy them and you can do some serious stuff with termux.

Who can use termux?

Programmers: If you are a programmer or A person who wants to be a programmer, termux is a must-have app on your android phone because it supports various programming languages and it will make you familiar with CLI(command line interface). You can read my this post on how you can use Python in termux.

Hacking and Cybersecurity: If you are a student and want to learn about cybersecurity
and hacking, this app will help you a lot, you can use a lot of tools free of cost by just using your smartphone. a lot of kids nowadays don't have a computer by using termux they can learn a lot without a computer. You can check out Termux Advanced tools here.

IT Student: If you are studying in CS or IT branch you must try to learn Termux, It has all the things combined like coding, CLI (command line interface), python projects, cybersecurity tools which will give you some basic experience and you will build confidence towards computers.

Hackers: I know I know, I don't have to write this line, if you are a hacker or you are doing hacking at beginner level You already have termux in your phone, if don't please Download the termux it's highly recommended and Stay tuned I will post everything about the termux and hacking.

What we can Hack using Termux?

Disclaimer: Getting unauthorized access is illegal! This site is only for educational purpose only. It's your responsibility to use this data ethically. This site and termux are not responsible if you doing misuse the data.

Metasploit-framework: One of the most popular frameworks which allow you to exploit the system. you can hack an android phone by creating a payload(Android app) and sending that to the victim when the victim installs the payload you can access almost everything in there phone like photos, audio, SMS, call records, documents, and everything which you can find in the file manager.

Routersploit: It is a similar framework as Metasploit, it allows you to find the vulnerability in routers. you can find the specific target on the network and check what ports are open and also run if the device is vulnerable or not.

Phonesploit: It allows you to access other systems on your network using the Ip address of the victim. To use this tool you need to install python on your system and you have to clone it from git hub, this will maybe get patched in the android update.

Hydra: allows you to crack the passwords using the brute-force method. with this tool, it is possible to brute-force most websites and protocols. You can perform dictionary attacks using hydra. for more on any of these tools, you can subscribe to this page.

Nmap: It is a network mapper is a network security tool that allows you to scan and collect various data in your network system. You can check open ports, find the routing path of the package. Os information of the devices on the network.

Shodan: Google is a website where you can search any website, shodan is the tool that allows you to search devices. you can find cameras and see live using the IP address and port given by the shodan.

Shellphish: It is one of the best phishing tools for almost all social media on the internet. this tool creates a link and you just have to give it to the victim when the victim logs in using that link you will the password.

Termux is an application on the play store but it's more like a Command-line operating system and you can do a lot of things in the termux app If you know termux or Kali Linux then Here is a list of interesting posts about termux for you.

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Termux is a grate app. if you are not familiar with the command-line interface stop wasting time on games and invest some time to understand this app, you will never regret the efforts, every day it will be going to be more featured and the new thing will get added in the termux. The best thing I personally like about termux is we can run python if you know how to code in python you can understand the true power of that feature.  You can Download Youtube Videos with termux using Termux-YTD. If you wanna know more about termux Just Check out my site. I Have Witten 50+ Articles on termux with Proper Images and 100% working command. Thanks For Reading Guys and As always Stay Ethical👾.

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