how to install go programming language in Termux [Android]

In this article i am going to guide you to Install Go programming language in Termux and run any Go program in Android via Termux application. it was developed in 2007 and this is an open source programming language.we can write Go code in any text editors such as notepad, Epsilon, vim, nano,Emacs etc.You can run only extension of .go programs so follow the below steps to install and run go programming language/programs in Termux.

Install Go programming Language and run Go programs 

First update and upgrade you termux emulator using this command apt update && apt upgrade
Now install the Go programming language by executing this command apt install golang
after the installation on golang in Termux, Now you can run go program.

For example you have hellow.go program file and you want to run this go file in termux so you guys can execute this command to run go program : go run hellow.go

 Thank You !