How to install c programming language in Termux

Run c program's using termux, In this article i will show you how to install c programming compiler in android via Termux application by installing clang in Termux terminal emulator.
clang is a front end compiler for c++ and c programming languages as well as we can run a small graphics games in Termux written in c, c++ program and can have fun with terminal emulator.

 First install the termux from Play store and open it and update & upgrade using these commands apt update && apt upgrade 
After it, install the c compiler i.e clang by typing apt install clang in termux and hit the enter.

How to run c programs using clang in Termux

After the installation of clang in Termux you guys can run c programs in termux for example we have hellow.c  program so how can we run this program ?  

solution is here you can run this hellow.c program by simply typing this command clang hellow.c   
so first type clang and then type your file name.

Thank You !