how to install All programming language in Android via Termux - coding with Termux

welcome,In this article i am going to show you how to install programming/scripting languages in Android via Termux application.

First you have to install Termux App from google Play store after the installation open up the Termux app.Now update and upgrade termux terminal by typing this command apt update && apt upgrade 

Install programming language in Termux by simply typing command that are available in below.

  • Install c language in Termux :- apt install clang
  • Install Go programming language :- apt install golang
  • Install Java language in Termux without root :- click here
  • Install PHP language :- apt install php
  • Install ruby language :- apt install ruby
  • Install Python language : - apt install python
  • Install Python 2 language : - apt install python2
  • install rust language :- apt install rust
  • Install Git GitHub tool :- apt install git
  • Install bash language :- apt install bash
  So, you guys can easily install such programming language by simply typing command that are highlighted.

Thank you !