how to delete folder/file in termux -Termux Tutorials

In this blog i will teach you how to remove file and directories in termux. this article is very helpful for those who dont know about Linux terminal commands and want to learn Linux through android using Termux read the below article for basic commands tutorial.

In Termux we can easily create's files and directory/folder .if you dont know then you guys can find out in my article easily and know how we can create files and folder in termux.

How to Remove files in Termux :

Assume in Termux there is a file called myfile.txt to remove this file type this command
rm myfile.txt
this command will remove myfile.txt from termux. rm = remove, myfile.txt = file to remove

How to remove directory/folder in Termux :

Assume in Termux there is a folder or directory and its name myfolder to remove/delete this folder type this command rm -rf myfolder This command will remove/delete myfolder directory from termux

so these are the basic commands used to remove files and directory from termux/Linux/Ubuntu etc.

Thank you !