dDumper - drupal vulnerability scanner in termux 

In this article i will show you how to install and use dDumper tool in Termux. dDumper is a drupal sites vulnerability scanner. You can use it for security purpose in your own drupal based websites to check, if any vulnerability is present or not, if there is any problem arise then you can fix it and keep secure your site from unauthorized access.
This tool is still good and it haves only these major exploits, Remote code execution, CSRF and add new admin.

Install dDumper in Termux :

First update termux using apt update command.and install git package to clone the repository from GitHub using apt install git command

Now install curl and Perl packages using these commands one by one 
apt install curl
apt install perl

Download the dDumper tool using this command git clone https://github.com/yak0d3/dDumper.

 go to the tool directory using cd dDumper command and make files executable with this command chmod +x *

run using perl language perl dDump3r.pl and type help for help screen and run to start scanning.

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