Metasploit :

In all over the world metasploit framework is most used penetration testing framework for Ethical Hacker or hackers.This metasploit project is a computer security projects it provides all information about bugs,Vulnerabilities that are presents in websites, computers, servers, mobiles, Networks, routers, webcam, social accounts etc..,with the help of metasploit framework we can also generate any type of payloads such as android payload, windows payload, mac OS X payload and many more

payloads are used to hack that particular target device and gain full unauthorized access of victim device.All antivirus making companies also know about this framework and they are able to create antivirus to protect computers from harmful payloads viruses generated by metasploit framework.
This metasploit Framework is pre-installed coming in Kali Linux operating systems.

Installation in Termux [Android] :

If you guys want to install Metasploit Framework in your android Devices using Termux terminal emulator then follow these steps.You guys able to install this framework without Rooting your device so first install termux app from play store.

Open play store and search for termux. install first one application after the installation of termux simply open the app. Now it takes less than 1 minute or less to finish installation process of termux. Now you have termux emulator means Kali Linux terminal, Follow my step scare fully to successfully install metasploit in termux

Steps to install metasploit in Termux :

Here we are using a shell script to auto install metasploit framework, This shell scripts install all the requirements packages, gems etc.., here we need to run a shell script thats it.Follow these steps.

Open termux and update and upgrade your termux with these command : apt update && apt upgrade
Now install wget package type this command apt install wget
Now Download shell script using wget type this command : wget
Execute this command : bash
Now take a cup of coffee and wait util the installation should be finished.This will install the latest version of metasploit in your termux. remember Dont turn off your internet connection during installation of metasploit , If you turn off internet connection this process could fail and you want to follow above steps again .

so this is the installation process of metasploit in termux. If you guys want more tutorials about termux tutorials then visit on our blog and watch other articles and also this article may be helpful for you,so that's it guys .