Nikto Tool :

Nikto tool is an open source tool for web server scanners it tests web servers for multiple items, including over 6400 potentially dangerous files. This tool pre installed coming with Kali Linux we can easily install this tool in android using Termux app. Nikto tool is very useful to detect vulnerabilities in web servers/sites. we can find websites bugs using Nikto tool and we also fix that bugs to protect websites from unauthorized access means protect from attacks or hackers.

Install Nikto in Termux :

open play store and download termux app after the download open it and update termux with this command apt update  Now install git package apt install git ,after the installation of git package install Perl packages because this tool Nikto is written in Perl language, type this command apt install git

after the installation of some basic packages, clone Nikto tool with this command gi clone .after the installation of Nikto go to Nikto directory with this command cd nikto/program Now run this tool with Perl package, type this perl -H It shows all the options of Nikto web server to use.

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