how to create a directory [Folder] in termux 

There are may different ways to create a directory [Folder], sub folder and sub directory on a computers and android devices depending on the operating system or where the directory is being created.Below is the steps on how to create a directory [Folder] in Android using termux app.

Give storage Permission 

Open Google Play Store and search for Termux app. Now install termux app, after the installation of termux open it. First time there is an installation process being running. This process may take less than 1 minute depending on your internet speed.After the complete installation of termux first give storage permission to access sdcard from termux , so type this command to give storage permission termux-setup-storage . if your device android version 6.x or higher there is a popup for storage permission, so simply allow to give storage permission.

Create Directory in Termux 

Open termux, Here one command is used to make directory called mkdir [Make Directory]

$ mkdir king

above mkdir command is used to create directory and king is the name of your directory. means here one directory is created i.e king directory.

$ mkdir tools 

Above command is also same command but here directory was created called tools directory [Folder]

how to remove a directory in termux

To create directory mkdir command is used similarly to remove/Delete Directory rmdir command is used.

$ rmdir king

above rmdir command is used to remove directory and king is the name of your directory. means here one directory is removed i.e king directory.

so this is the process to make or create and remove directories in termux you guys can use these command also in Kali Linux, Ubuntu, GNU Root Debian. If you guys want more termux tutorials then visit on our blog and watch other articles to get knowledge related to termux.

Thank you !