gnuroot debian - Gnu root Debian installation and usage in Android

Gnu root Debian :

Gnu root Debian is a GNU/Linux terminal emulator for Android mobiles. if you need to run Linux distribution on your android device, Gnu root Debian i an option for you to run Linux tools and scripts without root.


so first go to your Google play store and type in search bar Gnu root Debian then this application is available in the top of search result, so click on that app and click on install option to install Gnu Root Debian application. After the installation of Gnu Root Debian open this app, Now this app launch or runs some installation process. This process may take 3 minute or less, remember dont close this application until the installation should be finished. After the complete installation it provide a terminal Now you can run GNU/Linux command such as, for update your terminal type
apt-get update this command will update your Gnu Root Debian.

Packages Installation:

if you want to install some Linux Packages then follow these commands.Gnu Root Debian commands are very similar to Gnu Root Debian. To update your Gnu type this command apt-get update.If you want to upgrade then simply type apt-get upgrade.

Now you want to install some packages such as python, PHP, git then type this command apt-get install [package name] it will start installing that particular package.

Download or clone Tools :

you guys can easily clone GitHub tools and scripts .First you need to install git package, type this command apt-get install git  . after the installation git package type this command to see all the option s of git package git.
Now clone any repository of GitHub type this command git clone [paste here link] ,It will start cloning your selected repository.

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