how to install all Kali Linux tools in Termux using Dark Fly 

Dark Fly install in Termux :  Dark Fly tool is an installation tool for installing tools with the help of this tool you guys can easily install any tool by entering tool that you dont need to type git clone or look for the GitHub repository links.You only have to choose the number, which tool you want to install. In this Dark Fly tool there is 530 tools are ready for install, so you just type number and wait it will start installing automatically. So i hope you guys enjoy with this tool. 

Dark Fly-Tool install in Termux 

first you need to install termux app so go to play store and search for termux and install the termux app. After the installation of termux app open it and wait until the installation will be finished Now update and install some requirements packages using these below commands

apt update && upgrade
apt install git
apt install python
apt install python2
pip install requests

Now clone Dark Fly repository from GitHub, so simply type this below command to clone Dark Fly git clone https://ranginang67/DarkFly-Tool  .Now go to Dark Fly Directory and install Dark Fly using these commands 

cd   DarkFly-Tool
chmod +x *
python2 install 

Now wait until the installation of Dark Fly Tool, after the complete installation Type Dark Fly to run this tool. Now select your tool number it will start installing that particular tool in device.