Termux | How to Lock any type of files with password in Termux

Protect any type of files with password in Termux. 

here You guys can Lock any type of files such as .zip .md .sql .txt .anythink  
encrypt with password and you can also Deryptic using that password.

we can use Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Termux to Lock any type of file it required a package called gnupg

➤ Download Termux app from Play store and open and type these commands to install all requirements. execute all commands one by one.

apt update

apt upgrade

apt install gnupg

 ➤Now i will tell you how to use gnupg to lock files with password.

  for example here i have king.txt file

 [ Now i want to lock this file with password to protect from hackers or unauthorized access ]

➤ Type this command to lock king.txt File 

   gpg -c king.txt [ Now hit enter]

   enter you password

  again enter your password

➤ Now Delete king.txt file with this command : rm king.txt

we have a password protected file name is :- king.txt.gpg

No one can read this file or access data present in king.txt

➤ If you want to Decrypt this file then type this commands 

   gpg king.txt.gpg (hit enter)

    enter your password here to decry-pt or unlock king.txt file

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