How to Kill process by name ?

What is Kill command ?

Kill command is use to send signal to a process or to kill a process. Here I will show you guys 2 ways to kill a process.

1. We can kill a process by specific PID (process ID)

2. We can kill process by process name.

Kill command – Kill process by specific its PID.

In Linux OS or Termux type ps command to see all present running process.if you want to kill any process then you need to know process id.

For example, process PID is 19920

Use this command to kill the process
: kill 19920 

Kill command – kill process by name.

In Kali Linux, Ubuntu, Termux app type ps to see all running process .

For example, process name is com.termux

Use this command to kill the process
: killall -9 com.termux

It will kill the com.termux process by process name