How to install Tm-venom in Termux 

Tm-Venom [TechnicalMujeeb-Venom] is a python based tool and this tool is specially Designed for Termux users.using this tool you guys can generate payloads in easiest way, This tool is very helpful for Beginners who want to learn payload making in easiest This tool is Developed my me [Technical Mujeeb] i hope you guys like this.

Requirements :- 

1. Termux App :- Download from play store

2. metasploit-framework :- You must have metasploit-framework install on your Termux app. both rooted on non rooted devices

Tm-Venom installation 

follow these steps to successfully install Tm-Venom in Termux.

Open termux app and type these commands :- apt update   apt upgrade
install python2 and git packages with these commands

     apt install git    apt install python2

➤ Now clone Tm-venom with this command :

   git clone

➤ Now one by one Execute these commands :

   cd tmvenom

   chmod +x *


➤Now run Tm-Venom with this command :- python2

Now it will check some requirements and launch the tool .here many options are available means some payload menu . You need to simply type the number payload number.It will ask some information such as your local IP address, port number and path to generate payload. so follow the TM-venom instruction to generate payload in easiest way via Termux application[Android]. 

Thank you !