How to install wpscan in Android using Termux App :-

Wpscan :- wpscan is a WordPress vulnerability scanner tool for legal Or security purpose to find the vulnerabilities and fix it.and stay secure from attackers,this tools is very helpful and also powerful to find the vulnerabilities of WordPress websites.

remember :- wpscan tool is only works in arm/arm64 device.if you want to check your phone architecture ,

Type this command :- dpkg-print-architecture Or uname -m

In this blog i will show you gays ,How to install WpScan Tool on android via Termux app.

Follow these steps :-

install Termux App from Play Store & update apt update

Now you gays need to install these packages as follows step by step:-

  apt install ruby 

  apt install git

download this tool :- git clone 
goto wpscan directory :- cd wpscan

change the permission :- chmod 777 wpscan.rb

install some gems one by one :- 1) gem install bundle 2) bundle install -j5

to Run this tool type this command
:- ruby wpscan.rb installation process completed.