John The Ripper Install In Android Via Termux App 

JTR [john the ripper] is a free password cracking Software Or Tool .Its a Free password cracking Tool for Linux/Kali Linux/Ubuntu/Termux .It is mainly Design for UNIX Operating System .Now we can Use this tool on different platforms ,

John the Ripper tool is a most powerful Tool  for pen-testing / password breaking program , it cracks the passwords which are encrypted format .

John The Ripper cracks passwords into one of packages, autodetects passwords hashes types & it can be run  agenest the encrypted passwords,to get the real or decrypted password.

There are 3 type of modes.

  1. single crack Mode
  2. Incremental Mode
  3. External Mode

John The Ripper Installation In Termux [Android] :

Follow These Steps to install JTR in Termux 

open Play Store and download the Termux App

 After install termux app ,Now open termux and update your Terminal .use this command 
                apt update

install wget package :- pkg install wget

Install JTR Tool by this command wget

 Now install these packages manually step by step 

 apt install JtR-jumbo_1.8.0_aarch64.deb

 john --list=build-info    john -- test

After installation these packages go to JTR folder by this command 

  cd JtR

 cd tools


Now see here all the packages of John The Ripper are available Here.
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