Weevely Backdoor webshell in Termux [Android] without Root

Weevely is a stealth PHP web shell it simulate telnet like connections,
it is an essential Tool for Web Applications post exploitation
it can be used as stealth backdoor OR as a web shell manage legit Accounts . Even free hosted ones. 

Weevely Installation in Android using Termux App :-

➤ Install Termux App From play store after install open and update termux by this command

  apt update

➤ Install some Required packages ,

  pkg install git

  pkg install python2

➤ Now clone/Install Weevely Tool using below command git clone https://github.com/glides/Weevely

➤ Now visit in Weevely folder/Directory  cd Weevely

➤Now make executable files to run this tool chmod +x *

Now Run this Weevely Tool with this command python2 weevely.py

➤ To show how to use this tool type this command weevely help 

Thank you,