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so friends in this article i am gonna show you how to port forword in Android via termux using Ngrok without Router (no-root) . i hope you like this article .

what is Ngrok :- 

Ngrok is a multi platform reverse proxy  tunneling tool / software .we can use this tool for port forwarding in
 windows ,mac OS x,Linux,Termux (Android)

How TO Install Ngrok In Termux :-

 First Download Termux App from Play Store 

➤ Now you need to visit Ngrok website and sing up (create account)

➤  Then login into your Ngrok Account and go to the download section and download Linux (ARM) .

➤ Now open Your Termux terminal & go to your Download folder & move the ngrok

file to the termux home directory  

  mv ngrok /$HOME

Now go to ngrok website and login

➤ after login, copy your access token, then paste this token in your termux terminal & hit enter

installation process is finished.

➤ Now type ./ngrok

How To Port Forward / Open Ports on Termux using Ngrok 

 use this command to forward Port  ./ngrok http 80

You can use Here tcp 4444 ,443,8080,22,23 port also

 OK.. I Hope You are Understand ....

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